buy now pay later

Buy now pay later services are a type of payment method that enables customers to purchase items immediately and pay for them at a later date. These services have gained significant popularity in recent years, as they offer a convenient and flexible way to manage expenses. In essence, customers can spread the cost of their purchases over a period of time, rather than having to pay the full amount upfront.

One of the primary benefits of buy now pay later services is that they provide greater financial flexibility. Customers can choose to pay for their purchases in installments, which can help to alleviate short-term financial pressures. Additionally, these services often offer low or zero-interest rates, making them an attractive alternative to credit cards or other forms of traditional lending.

Buy now pay later services are also convenient for customers, as they offer a streamlined checkout process. Rather than having to input credit card details or other payment information, customers can simply select the option to pay later and complete their purchase. This can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors during the checkout process.

However, it is important for customers to use buy now pay later services responsibly. These services are not a long-term solution for managing debt and should not be used as such. Late payments can result in additional fees and charges, and can negatively impact a customer’s credit score.

Overall, buy now pay later services offer a flexible and convenient way for customers to manage their expenses. When used responsibly, they can provide a valuable tool for budgeting and managing cash flow.

Advantages of pay later apps 

  • Ease of use: ZestMoney’s mobile app is so easy and friendly to use, that you will have no trouble from the time you open the app up until when you confirm your purchase. Pay later apps, such as ZestMoney’s app, are integrated into the checkout process at one of our Partner’s online stores. This ensures approval decisions are confirmed almost instantaneously and you are able to make your dream purchase hassle-free.
  • No credit history: ZestMoney is their first introduction to any type of formal credit for millions of households in India. Therefore, to make it easier for you to upgrade your life ZestMoney does not require customers to have a credit history before opting for this financing option.
  • Partner connection: ZestMoney has partnered with
  • Building credit: Customers should know that using ZestMoney’s BNPL financing option will not build up their credit. 

How to Repay EMI (3/6/9/12 Months) options

B2bwala customers have the flexibility of making their purchase in one go while paying for it in multiple, bit-sized payments. Customers can repay Buy now pay later by choosing between 3, 6, 9, and 12-month EMI options. 

Where can you shop using use the ZestMoney Credit?

With ZestMoney’s BNPL financing option, one of the pay later services, you can buy from